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Psalm 5:12  - For You will bless the righteous

The L-rd will bless the righteous

ki-attah tevareikh tzaddik Adonai . . .

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Psalm 5:12(13h) BHS

For you will bless the righteous one, O LORD;
as the shield of favor you will surround him.
- Psalm 5:12(13h)


Psalm 5:12(13h) BHS Transliteration

ki-attah tevareikh tzaddik Adonai, katzinah ratzon ta’terenu

Grammatical Notes:

  • תְּבָרֵךְ (tevareikh) is the piel imperfect 2nd person masculine singular form of בּרךְ (to bless, kneel), from berekh, meaning knee: You will bless.
  • כַּצִּנָּה רָצוֹן (katzinah ratzon) comes from צִנָּה, a shield (using the Kaf prefix with the definite article): as the shield and כַּצִּנָּ (favor). Together: as the shield of favor.
  • תַּעְטְרֶנּוּ (ta’terenu) is the qal imperfect 2nd person masculine singular of עָטַר (to crown) with a 3rd person masculine singular suffix: you will crown/surround him.

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