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Hebrew Blessing for being made free

Being made free -

Shelo Asani Aved

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Israel was at one time an enslaved people but was ransomed from bondage by the mighty outstretched arm of the LORD. This blessing thanks God for the privilege of freedom and implies an ongoing responsibility to exercise liberty in obedience to God.

As believers in the Mashiach Yeshua, we are also made free from the tyranny of satan. Like the ancient Israelites, we also have been rescued from the bondage of “Egypt” and made free to serve the LORD. We are no longer be enslaved by fear or anxiety, but can walk in the dignity and grace that God has lavished upon us through Jesus Christ our LORD.

Blessed art Thou, LORD our God, Master of the universe, who has not made me a slave.


Barukh attah Adonai eloheinu melekh ha-olam,
shelo ‘asani ‘aved.

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