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Prayer upon leaving the Synagogue

Taking Our Leave -

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before the King of the king of kings

Although we know that God is omnipresent - everywhere at once - when we leave a corporate worship service we acknowledge that we are taking leave of the greatest of Kings, indeed, the “King of the king of kings” (melekh malkhei hamelakhim).

It has become customary to recite these verses (Psalm 140:14, Micah 4:5, Psalm 121:2, Exodus 15:18, and Psalm 5:9) with deep reverence and humilty as we leave the sanctuary of the LORD, appealing to Him to watch over us and be our Protector.

Akh tzaddikim yodu lishmekha, yeshevu yesharim et panekha.

Ki kol ha'amim yelekhu ish be-shem elohav, va'ani elekh be-shem Adonai elohim chayim u'melekh olam. Ezri me'im Adonai, 'oseh shamayim va'aretz.
Adonai yimlokh le-olam va'ed.

Adonai, necheni vetsidkatekha, lema'an sorrerai haishar lefanai darkekha.


While sitting, recite:

Now stand and recite:

While walking to the exit (facing the ark) recite:

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