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Brit Milah - The Rite of Circumcision

Brit Milah -

The Rite of Circumcision

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Brit Milah Guide

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This section provides general information about the traditional brit milah (circumcision) ceremony. For my own position on whether a Christian should be circumcised, please see the Afterword.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Greeting
  3. Elijah's Chair
  4. Mohel's Preliminary Recitation
  5. Father's Statement of Intent
  6. The Circumcision
  7. The Blessings
  8. Giving of the Name
  9. Blessing the Child
  10. Brit Bat - for girls (simchah bat)
  11. Pidyon HaBen - redemption of firstborn
  12. Afterword for Christians


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