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Death and Dying

Death and Dying -

Taking leave of Olam HaZeh

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The Jewish grieving cycle (minimally) takes a full year when a member of your immediate family has died, though klal Yisrael (the Jewish community) will share grief and sorrow with the bereaved as well:

  • Shivah ("seven") is the name given to the first stage of mourning. Shivah begins immediately after the funeral and lasts for seven days (the day of the funeral is considered the first day). Shivah is suspended for Shabbat and for the day of a major festival.
  • Sheloshim ("thirty") is the second stage of mourning which lasts thirty days after the funeral. This is the mourning period for everyone related to the deceased.  Anyone who feels close to the deceased may elect to say Kaddish.
  • Avelut (mourning) lasts for an entire year for parents.  Kaddish is recited for eleven months (and a day) following the date of death.
  • Yahrzeit (the anniversary of the date of death) is observed each year on the date of death according to the Hebrew calendar.

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