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Help me, O LORD my God

Help me, Adonai -

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Save me according to Thy Chesed

Psalm 109:26

Help me, O LORD my God: O save me according to thy mercy.
(Psalm 109:26 KJV)

Yarah - hitting the mark

Sometimes all we can do is cry out to Adonai for help:

help for our pain;

help for our loneliness;

help for our fears;

help for our struggles against evil.

Yet we have hope in the Salvation – the Yeshua – of the LORD.  Jesus the Messiah is the Chesed – the Mercy – of Adonai given in the flesh. This is a Mercy not unfamiliar with the sorrows and heartaches and struggles of human life, for this Mercy willingly partook of the bitterest of human suffering and bore it within His own flesh in order to restore us in hope to Adonai.

Yes, the Lord Jesus came and suffered and died for us so that we might be reconciled to Adonai in the hope of His Mercy.

In the cry of your own inmost heart, ask the LORD God for the precious gift of His salvation through Jesus the Messiah, the merciful Lord!



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